Healing Vibrations of the Voice

The power of sound, resonance

and colour



Positive mental and physical health and wellbeing

The power of sound and colour vibrations has been known for thousands of years and it is only now that these are being researched and talked about as a way forward for positive mental and physical health and wellbeing. In singing, which the Indian Sufi's refer to as 'The Divine Art',  is particularly powerful and especially so with the unique method of Bel Canto breathing and focused resonance.  

As well as my general vocal teaching, I have been researching and using this for many years, working with children and adults with learning difficulties, mental and physical disabilities, stress, depression and fatigue, as well as for good health.

I believe, vibrations and resonance of our own voices are the most powerful and we can all benefit and improve our health and mental state by learning basic methods on how to create and use it.

I give practical workshops and talks on sound and colour vibration, cymatics (sound made visible), its practical uses and how we can use it for our mental and physical health.  

Workshops can also be tailored for children.

Recently I was asked to give an online interview with Tobias Kaye, about my singing and healing work. Here is a link to the video.