Workshops and Courses

New 'De-Stress & Wellbeing' workshops for children and adults

Also available for children and adults in person and online.

Through my research and pratical applications of over 30yrs.  I have formulated my own unique holistic modality, and teach this knowledge when providing 1-1 therapeutic sessions.

Healing and the ancients arts:  Healing through singing and colour was documented thousands of years ago. The Egyptians used coloured crystals in large healing rooms utilising the positions of the sun to direct the crystal colour vibrations on the body for healing and used voice vibrations for healing.

Pythagoras prescribed music for all ailments using his own designed musical instruments mainly the lyre and flute.  it is said that he also discovered the chromatic scale and colours corresponding to each note.  Goethe also used music and words as healing and the Sufi Indians described singing as, 'The Divine Art'.  This is becoming recognised and used as vibrational medicine.

New Workshops will appear here soon, so please call back to see the upcoming events.